Vision and Values

Our Vision Statement

Called to be the Body of Christ, Calvary is in this city for good!

We strive to live out our faith locally and globally by:
walking with God in worship and daily life;
welcoming and loving one another and our neighbors;
and transforming our world through peace, justice, grace and mercy.

Our Values

As one part of the Body of Christ we aspire to:

  • Generously embody and celebrate God's love, grace, and forgiveness for all. 
  • Richly engage in authentic, diverse and spirit-filled worship, music, service and fun.
  • Actively journey in our faith life together as we welcome, love, learn, question, and grow as God's children of all ages.
  • Compassionately care for one another, our neighborhoods, city, world, and all creation.
  • Energetically join in God's transformative work of justice and peace-building.

Welcome Statement

We, at Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church, are committed to being a radically loving and welcoming community of faith, centered in the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Gospel is God’s gift to all people to be shared unconditionally.

Calvary welcomes all people who have been excluded because of cultural or ethnic background, race, physical or mental abilities, socioeconomic or family status, gender or age. This welcome includes persons who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, their partners and families.

We are a diverse group of believers, redeemed and united in the one Body of Christ. This diversity enriches, nourishes and challenges our ministry.  Be assured, "You are no longer strangers and aliens, but fellow citizens and members of God’s household." (Ephesians 2:19)