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Monthly newsletters from Calvary Lutheran Church are temporarily suspended. With the shutdown that took effect in March, reduced office hours for the staff, and the discontinuation of on-site worship services and committee meetings, there isn't enough material to publish a newsletter. Pastor Hans and other congregation leaders are sending out information via the weekly email.

To sign up for the weekly email, please contact the church office to request being added to the group list.

Archived Newsletters

March 2020 Issue

February 2020 Issue

January 2020 Issue

December 2019 Issue

November 2019 Issue

October 2019 Issue

September 2019 Issue

August 2019 Issue

July 2019 Issue

June 2019 Issue

May 2019 Issue

April 2019 Issue

March 2019 Issue

February 2019 Issue

January 2019 Issue

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