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Mardi Gras Party

Sunday, February 23 - 12:15 p.m.

(Click here to download flyer for printing)

* Fun—music, masks, beads
* Fellowship—an intergenerational event with our neighbors
* Fat pancakes and signature Calvary non-alcoholic drink
* Food Shelf fundraiser kickoff

Dress Mardi Gras style (with Lutheran decorum!).  Mardi Gras colors:  

Purple Represents Justice.  Green Represents Faith.  Gold Represents Power.

What's New at Calvary

Calvary members were mailed 2020 Gift Intention packets. Those forms are availble to print here:

2020 Gift Intention Form

Electronic Giving Authorization Form

The Calvary Emergency Food Shelf is available for area residents each Saturday from 9:00 - noon. There are eligibility requirements. Click on the "Food Shelf" link in the "Outreach" tab above, or call the church office at 612-827-2504 for more information.