When Calvary Lutheran Church was founded, our neighborhood was considered to be at the southern edge of Minneapolis. At that time, we proudly supported Christian missionaries all over the world. In recent years, the world has come to us. For example, at Bancroft Elementary School down the street from us, there are more than a dozen languages spoken. As a church that is "In This City for Good," Calvary has an amazing mission field right where we are!  We are always on the look-out for various ways to be Christ's voice, arms and legs right here where we live.

Calvary Food Shelf

Description of Calvary Food Shelf

A local newspaper, The Daily Planet, recently interviewed our Food Shelf Director, Henrietta WIlliams.  Read their article here:  http://www.tcdailyplanet.news/2013/03/16/march-campaign-helps-meet-silent-need-food

Urban Arts Academy

Created by Calvary and The Crossroads Foundation in 2001, the Urban Arts Academy provides arts-in-education classes for elementary  middle school students.  For more information, go to www.UrbanArtsAcademy.org.

View a video demonstrating the Urban Arts Academy.

World Hunger Focus

The Outreach Committee continues its focus on world hunger by promoting the Lutheran World Federation Handicraft Project. By purchasing gifts, ordered from a catalog, you provide vital  income to needy artisans throughout the world. Life is difficult for many people, and this project provides them with food money and chances for employment.


Throughout the year we hold a number of concerts and special musical services that appeal to all tastes, from jazz to the classics. See our Calendar and Music pages for details.

Ministry to the Homebound

The Calvary congregations strives to stay in touch with our homebound members through card ministry and on-going communication.  If you are aware of someone who can't attend church, call the church office and a pastor will arrange for a home visit.