Videotaped Sermons

Pastor Angela Shannon 12/3/17

Bruce Arnevik sermon 5/7/17 (John 10:1-15)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 4/16/17 (John 20:1-18)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 3/19/17 (Matt. 4:1-11)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 3/19/17 (John 15:12-17)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 3/12/17 (Matt. 17:1-9)

JaNaé Bates sermon 3/5/17 (John 9:1-5)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 2/26/17 (Matt. 17:1-9)

Francisco Herrera sermon 2/19/17 (Matt. 5:38-48)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 2/5/17 (Matt. 5:13-20)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 1/29/17 (Matt. 5:1-12)

Bruce Arnevik sermon 1/15/17 (John 1:29-42)

Christmas Pageant, 2016

Brad Froslee Reflection 12/18/16

Brad Froslee sermon 12/11/16 (Matt. 11:2-11)

Rev. Danny Givens sermon, Part 1 of 2 12/4/16 (Matt. 3:1-12)

Rev. Danny Givens sermon, Part 2 of 2 12/4/16 (Matt. 3:1-12)

Brad Froslee sermon 11/27/16 (Matt. 24:36-44)

Brad Froslee sermon 11/20/16 (Luke 23:33-43)

Brad Froslee sermon 11/13/16 (Luke 21:5-19)

Amy Kumm-Hanson sermon 10/30/16 (Luke 6:20-31)


What's New at Calvary

March Food Shelf Campaign

It’s March! Spring is almost here. The snow is melting. Birds will soon be migrating home.

And it’s also time for the March Campaign for Calvary’s Food Shelf!

“The March Campaign is the most important fundraiser of the year for the Food Shelf,” emphasizes Henrietta Williams, Calvary’s Food Shelf Coordinator. “This year’s goal is to raise $6,000 from Calvary itself and receive 500 pounds of food and other donations.”

Henrietta continues: “In 2017, Calvary’s Food Shelf served almost 2,000 individuals from about 700 households. Nearly half of our clients are children and seniors. The March Campaign helps ensure that we can continue addressing hunger needs right here in our neighborhoods.”

Financial contributions give the Food Shelf the greatest flexibility. The Food Shelf can use the funds to purchase what its clients need, often at highly subsidized prices. Typically, food shelves can stretch $1 into enough food for two or three meals.

In addition, Calvary’s March Campaign will once again have weekly focuses for food and other donations. The weekly themes each Sunday are as follows:

March 18:            Cereal
March 25:            Feminine Hygiene and Toiletries

But don’t feel constrained. As Henrietta notes, “Please feel free to donate in whatever way works best for you. We’ll put your donation to good use!”

Calvary’s March Campaign is part of a similar effort across Minnesota, which is coordinated by Minnesota FoodShare, a project of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches (GMCC). Statewide, the March Campaign raises more than half the food distributed annually through 300 food shelves associated with Minnesota FoodShare.

Minnesota FoodShare and its associated food shelves address critical needs of too many seniors, families, individuals, and children throughout Minnesota. One in seven Minnesota children struggle with hunger. Approximately 552,000 Minnesotans experience food insecurity, and there are over three million visits to Minnesota food shelves each year.

Calvary’s Food Shelf is a vital partner in Minnesota FoodShare’s fight against hunger and poverty. Henrietta very much appreciates Calvary’s ongoing support: “So many individuals contribute and find a way to make each year’s Campaign a success. Calvary’s support of the Food Shelf is impressive.” Henrietta and the Food Shelf hope Calvary will make this year’s Campaign another success story, as all of us work together to reduce hunger in our community.

When you pick the food of your land at gathering time, do not pick all the way to the corners of your field. And do not gather the food left on the ground there after you have picked. Do not gather what is left among your vines, or gather the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for those in need and for the stranger.

– Leviticus 19:9-10


On Thursday, April 5, a presentation on MissionInsite will be sponsored by Calvary Lutheran Church, 3901 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis. The presentation will be led by Grace Corbin, Project Associate of the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA. The event will begin at 6:30pm in the main floor lounge at Calvary.

MissionInsite is a dynamic new way to access community information for your church or organization. This process identifies demographic trends and key information in the neighborhoods selected. It will provide new ways of thinking about mission and outreach. The process is user-friendly and adaptable to your organization’s needs.

There is no cost to participants and reservations are not required. For more information contact Galen Hora, Interim Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church.

Join us on Wednesdays during Lent (Feb. 21 - March 21) for a Soup Supper in the Lounge starting at 5:30 p.m. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups, bread, dessert, and beverages are provided. Then at 6:30 p.m. stay for Prayer Around the Cross, a brief service of meditative prayer. Experience the presenceof God in silence, scripture, meditative music, healing prayer around the cross, and lighting candles as signs of hope dancing in the darkness. All are welcome!