South Window

The Apostles Window

The south window is our Apostles window. Some call this our missionary window. In each panel, rays appear in the sky to symbolize the influence of the Holy Spirit.

The center panel shows the apostle Peter, preaching to the crowd at Pentecost. His birth name was Simon, but Jesus renamed him Peter, which means Rock. Jesus so named him because he was to be the rock upon which the church was founded (see Matthew 16:16-19). The biblical record notes that Peter spoke with such power and spirit on Pentecost that three thousand persons were converted that day.

The left panel shows Stephen, the first Christian martyr, as mentioned in the New Testament (see Acts 6 & 7). He was noted for the strength of his Christian faith and was the first to be chosen of the original seven deacons of the early church. Around 36 A.D., he was a target of the Greek-speaking Jews of Jerusalem because of his eloquent preaching about Christ. He was brought before the Sanhedrin on a charge of blasphemy, where he was not allowed to defend his right to faith in the new religion and was condemned to death by stoning.

The third panel shows Paul on his way to Damascus. He was born to devout Jewish parents in Tarsus (now in Turkey). Paul was originally named for the ancient Hebrew king Saul, but later he took the common Latin name of Paul, which had a sound similar to that of his Hebrew birth name. By his own account, Paul excelled in the study of Greek Law (see Galatians 1:14; Philippians 3:6). His zeal for it led him to persecute the new Christian church.

As depicted in the window, Paul became a Christian after experiencing a vision of Christ during his journey from Jerusalem to Damascus (see Acts 9:1-19, 22:5-16, 26:12-18). From this point on, he became the greatest of missionaries and used his talents to preach and write about Christ.

Detail of South Window:

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