West Window

Our Reformation Window

This window is above the entrance to our church, but is best observed from the balcony. It is also known as our "Confessional Window" since it is a memorial to the Augsburg Confession, which was signed by the Reformers 400 years prior to the installation of this window. This Confession is a document of 21 articles, inspired by Martin Luther in 1530 and refined by Philip Melancthon. It proclaims that we are justified by grace, through faith, without any merits of our own.

The window has four panels. The left panel contains the inscription "The Authority of the Word Alone", and the date 1530. The right panel has the inscription "Justification by Faith Alone" and the date 1930. The two center panels show Martin Luther (black robe) and Philip Melancthon (green robe). Above them are Martin Luther's coat of arms and the seal of the Augustana Synod, our antecedent denomination (which merged in 1962, becoming the Lutheran Church in America - LCA, and again in 1988, becoming the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - ELCA). At the top of the window are an open Bible, a baptismal font, and a communion chalice.

Along the bottom of the window is the inscription, "I believe in the Father, and in the Son, and in the Holy Spirit."


Detail, Martin Luther panel:

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