Calvary Windows

The beautiful windows in our sanctuary have been designed to tell the story of Calvary, plus other biblical stories and those from church history. The glass has been artistically hand-decorated with high-temperature mineral paint and then fired so that the colors blend into the surface of the glass. As a result, the windows are actually paintings that show minute details. Each window has a theme, starting with the birth of Christ and ending with the Reformation.

As shown below, Calvary's sanctuary is in the shape of a cross. Three large windows are on the north, east and south. A fourth large window is located on the west, in the balcony. Two smaller windows are located in the stair wells in the northwest and southwest corners of the narthex.

For a view of a particular window, click on the corresponding line below.
East: Good Friday
North: Christmas
South: Apostles
West: Reformation
Northwest: A Mighty Fortress
Southwest: I Stand at the Door and Knock